Success Stories

Interpretable Machine Learning

Human Interpretable Machine Learning for Credit Risk Scoring for one of the 10 biggest Banks Worldwide Achievement Timeline: 8 months Saving: 8% of 1.18 billion Euro (cost of risk) Implementation in test-environment Summary Implementation of state-of-the-art machine...

Smart Investment Platform

Big Data based Secure Smart Investment Platform Achievement Patented application and technology Creating investment opportunities to institutional investors Access to investment capital to SME´s and promoting economic growth in Europe Summary Developing an investment...

Predictive Quality Control

Predictive Quality Control for Leading German Car Manufacturer Achievement Development over 2 months Running in thte Productions plants Estimated savings are 5 Millions yearly Summary: Developed predictive quality control for learning German car manufacturer to...

Predictive Maintenance

Self-Service Predictive Maintenance for Leading German Car Manufacturer Achievement Technical implementation 1 year Running in 3 production plants Savings 4 million Euro annually Summary Self-service based production predictive maintenance solution was developed to...

Predictive Logistics Planner

Predictive Logistics Planner for one of the Leading Breweries Worldwide Achievement Implementation of an end to end solution in 8 months  Increase of production efficiency by 10%, and an increase in sales by more than 5% Estimated savings were 2 Million Euros. ...

Predictive Quality Maintenance

Predictive Quality Maintenance for Leading German Car Manufacturer Achievement Development over 2 months Running in 5 Production Plants Estimated savings are 50 Million yearly Summary Developed computer vision-based predictive quality management for leading car...

Predictive Maintenance

Large Scale Predictive Maintenance for Leading German Car Manufacturer Achievement Project realization: 3 years Savings: 17.5 million Euro yearly Implementation of 17 predictive maintenance use cases Summary Development of predictive maintenance solution for seventeen...

Sales Recommendation System

Big Data Based Sales Recommender Engine for Leading Package Provider Achievement Timeline: 10 months Implementation of  Recommender Engine in production Estimated an increase in sales by 1.2 million yearly Summary Project continuation after 1st price (Design-Thinking...

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NLP (Text Processing)

Extract knowledge from human-language text – figures, names, relationships, entities; rank texts based on relevance to speed up reporting and analysis

Computer Vision

Detect objects on image, classify images into topic groups or by presence of a feature

Predictive Analytics

Predict the market conditions or product sales. Understand customers, prevent churn and optimize resource usage and efficiency

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