Predictive Quality Control for Leading German Car Manufacturer


  • Development over 2 months
  • Running in thte Productions plants
  • Estimated savings are 5 Millions yearly


Developed predictive quality control for learning German car manufacturer to prevent quality control issues to detect colour faults using augmented reality, deep learning, and scaled using the power of cloud computing. Using design thinking to develop user understanding and then building up solution by integrating state of art technologies to yield best results.

Technology Used:

  • Azure Stream Analytics and Eventhub
  • Azure Functions and Spark Databricks
  • Azure Cosmosdb and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Azure Data Lake and Blob Storage
  • Tensorflow/ Scikit Learn
  • Microsoft PowerBI
  • R, Python, Php, Bootstrap
  • Unity Framework
  • Android Development
  • Microsoft Hololens/ Vusix Display