Predictive Logistics Planner for one of the Leading Breweries Worldwide


  • Implementation of an end to end solution in 8 months¬†
  • Increase of production efficiency by 10%, and an increase in sales by more than 5%
  • Estimated savings were 2 Million Euros.¬†


Using historical sales data of the last two decades for the development of predictive logistics planner – predicting future demands of products, required stocks and efficient process recommendations using machine learning, big data and design thinking mythologies. Our responsibilities included project management, development and orchestrating of big data pipeline, and building up full-stack application which serves the purpose of the smart platform.


Technology Stack

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Microsoft PowerBI
  • Azure Data Lake and Blob Storage
  • Azure Data Factory
  • R-Shiny Server
  • Tensorflow, Scikit, XgBoost
  • R, Python, Bootstrap, SQL